Tiny House Question…

Hey everyone, I know this is way in the future, but I was curious if any of you would be interested in coming to a (tiny) open house once we are finished building. Please keep in mind, we don’t expect to finish this home for at least a year, though hopefully it is sooner.

This would be geared towards people who have considered simplifying their lives, but are a little afraid to take that big jump without first seeing it in action.

You should probably also know that we are located in Upstate New York. We would probably have the open house in a very public area, like a Curtis Lumber or Home Depot.

Would you be interested in attending?

  1. tishtashtoshhh answered: yes!
  2. decadentdecay answered: Possibly! Not sure what my schedule’s looking like that far ahead of time, but NY’s not extremely far.
  3. getready-startnow answered: sure thang
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    I would definitely be interested!!! That’s an amazing idea!!
  5. smallsimplicity answered: Yes!
  6. redheadtalkinginallcaps answered: I would totally go to that. I actually am really interested in seeing one in person before I jump into having one myself.
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  8. thatamandagurrl said: I think that’s a fabulous idea! I don’t live close enough to come but I think the idea is wonderful. You could film the final project and explain how and why you did it and post it on YouTube because too.
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